Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study

Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study

Instagram influencer marketing is the specialty of we at getshirley. We boast of a long list of satisfied clients who have enjoyed numerous successful operations with us. Influencer marketing for Instagram marketing has been on the uprise for some time now with numerous positive impacts seen in both major and minor brands who have capitalized on the reach of Instagram influencers by carrying out marketing campaigns.

DO major brands actually make use of Instagram influencers?

The simple answer is yes, major brands like Nike and Subaru have partnered with numerous influencers in running various campaigns. These campaigns often regarded as case studies, are well talked about in the marketing community due to their success rates with most driving sales through the roof. Some examples of Influencer marketing case studies with success are the Subaru "Meet an owner campaign", the Youfoodz "Winter menu" and the Maybelline "Falsies Push Up Drama" to name a few.

The "Meet an owner campaign" case study for Instagram influencer marketing carried out by Subaru centered on raising brand awareness and brand sentiment. The campaign involved about 20 influencers across various categories and saw results of sales increasing by 10% in 2016 alone.

In the case of the "falsies push up drama", beauty influencers were utilized with content created in relation to beauty tips and tricks as well as beauty hauls. The content created by the Instagram influencers converted into 73,700 views and 35.7 million total impressions.

These and much more show just important the use of Instagram influencers can be to brands and why major brands actually utilize these opportunities.

How do you carry out campaigns that would convert into high traction case studies?

Our platform offers you access to a foray of experts in the business. We understand how important every campaign is and look to have the most clever Instagram marketing strategies available to you at all times. Our clients have enjoyed such benefits and we guarantee you would as well.

We do have successful Influencer marketing case studies of our own with operations seeing teams save 25+ hours per week due to our automatic integrations. We have also assisted clients in cutting down costs when carrying out campaigns. Our platform is very intuitive and easy to use, has no experience in influencer marketing? you are covered. We offer a comprehensive user interface and experience that not only assists you in making the best influencer choices but also saves time in the process.

we pride ourselves on making the experience as easy and direct as possible affording you much needed time to focus on the other parts of your business like making decisions and crosschecking inventory.

Why not schedule a call with an expert to get a full breakdown on how your brand could also benefit from such opportunities? we offer numerous services that your brand would greatly benefit from and improve your sales, Place a call now.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study

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