Location Based Advertising

For businesses, it used to be harder to target the right consumer demographics at the right time for advertising. Social media and search engines have changed the game with targeted advertising such as location-based advertising. At Launch Media, we can help you design the perfect ads to reach the right people at the right time.

What is location-based advertising?

Location-based advertising or geo advertising simply means targeting ads based on user location data. Advertising is a massive investment for any business, so reaching the correct target demographic at the correct time is crucial for attracting new customers or informing existing customers. Thanks to smartphones, social media, and search engines, businesses can now reach audiences that are more likely to purchase their product or service.

As a lot of customers now use smartphones, location-based advertising utilizes GPS location data from phones to advertise products and services relevant to the users’ locations. Location-based advertising (LBA) is versatile as you can use it on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to name just a few. With LBA, customers will, for example, receive push notifications when they enter a certain location or receive information from local businesses nearby.

However, some customers aren’t all too happy about businesses tracking them everywhere they go. This is why, when using LBA, it is crucial to design the right ad campaign, with correct advertising strategies. You shouldn’t use LBA in a way that scares customers or makes them think you’re misusing their personal information.

The different types of geo advertising

There is a multitude of ways geo advertising can be used to market your products and services. Some of those methods include:

  • Geofencing- This uses real-time location data of users to trigger an action when they enter a specified area. For example, if they’re close to a mall, shops in that mall can send push notifications to users about sales or promotions.
  • Geotargeting- This method uses past location data of a user, and this information will predict user behavior and preferences. For example, if you visit cinemas regularly, businesses will send you information on the latest movies and cinema prices.
  • Geoconquesting- This method sends notifications or messages to consumers who spend time at a competing business.

What are the benefits of geo advertising?

As with any targeted advertising method, the goal of geo advertising is to attract the correct demographic at the right time to maximize purchases. Geo advertising is highly beneficial to local businesses as it allows them to compete with larger brands.

It personalizes advertising so that only products and services relevant to your location will hit your feed. It further helps businesses understand customer preferences. If users repeatedly visit a location and spend lots of time there, we can figure out what their likely interests and purchasing preferences are.

Targeted advertising techniques like location-based advertising has changed the advertising game completely. At Launch Media, we can help you come up with an ad campaign that will generate more revenue for your advertising dollars based on targeted advertising.

Location Based Advertising

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