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Marketing Ideas For Nursing Homes

Marketing Ideas For Nursing Homes

The average life expectancy has increased recently due to improved healthcare worldwide. A significant portion of the global population is considered elderly. As a result, nursing care homes have become increasingly common over the last few decades.

According to, about 63% of people in need of long-term care are 65 years old and above. Adopting the right marketing ideas for nursing homes is the surest way of excelling among your competitors. 

Do you run or own a nursing home? Here are 8 of the best advertising ideas for assisted living.

Establish Stronger Relationships with Your Clients

To gain clients' trust, you need to build and maintain a good relationship with your clients. Therefore, ensure that your nursing home marketing campaigns prioritize client relationship management.

Sending a quick greeting card on birthdays, being proactive about client care, sending insightful newsletters every month, and getting client feedback are only a few creative ways to keep your clients happy.

Offer to Speak at Seminars

Speaking at events organized by universities, NGOs, and other organizations in your community is a great avenue to share relevant information about your nursing home. You can widen your network and establish authority in the local market through public speaking.

Create a Persuasive Brand Identity on Social Media

Another important marketing idea for senior care centers to increase visibility about the nursing home and draw more prospects is social media. You can create accounts on social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+, and eventually grow your following by sharing useful and valuable knowledge that will help you establish a reputation and prove your expertise. Over time, these platforms will begin to get you, clients or patients.

Request and share Client Feedback

Encouraging people in your care and their caregivers to post feedback and testimonials about your nursing home on the internet is an important marketing idea for nursing homes. Promote and post their reviews online and in all your advertising campaigns.

It will help you understand how your clients feel about the services you offer at your nursing home and point out areas where you need to improve. Testimonials will also help you gain trust and turn skeptics into paying customers.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a great marketing idea for nursing homes. It is a platform to share valuable knowledge with your target audience while still establishing your expertise in your field. For example, you might start a blog where you share advice about how caregivers should best care for their elderly loved ones. The useful tips on your blogs can convince them that you’re capable of taking good care of their elders in your nursing home if the need arises.

Invest in Offline Advertising

Promote your nursing homes in magazines and local newspapers often read by elderly people or their caregivers. You may also print flyers and handbills advertising your nursing home and get them posted at doctor's offices, senior centers, and other locations frequently visited by elders.

In the adverts, you would stress the advantages of getting older adults to your nursing home.

Encourage Referrals

When you have older adults in your care and provide them with excellent care, you should encourage their caregivers to promote your company by word of mouth. If your services are exceptional, this will fit well. Promising a discount for each person referred to the nursing home is an excellent way to encourage referrals.

Sponsor an Event

Organizing and sponsoring public community events that cater to seniors and their caregivers is a great way to bring families and senior family members together. Such events could be symposiums, seminars, etc. You get to promote your brand and showcase your nursing home facilities to your community using branded promotional materials like bags, jerseys, or cups to participants.

When you combine the right assisted living advertising ideas with a great client experience, you'll experience a huge increase in your referrals. Book a call with Senior Living Pros:


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