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Corporate Presentation Skills Training

Corporate Presentation Skills Training

A good place to start your corporate presentation skills training is learning how to make boring topics interesting. George Leith will model everything that he suggests you do. It drives people crazy when they buy courses or go to conferences, and experts tell them to start doing something, but the expert either doesn't tell them exactly how to do it, or they don't demonstrate it themselves. George Leith is a world-renowned sales, marketing, leadership, and presentation trainer who uses hands-on techniques to enhance learning for his students.

Use Your Hook to Catch More Fish

One of the things that you'll learn from corporate presentation skills training from George Leith is how to use your hook. When you are fishing, you have to make your hook appealing or else the fish won't want it. You have to do the same thing with your presentations. The number one way that adults find hooks appealing is if you tell them why you are going to give it to them. Most people start with the "what" rather than the "why," but it doesn't work that way! Here is a practical idea that you can apply right away:

For your next presentation, take all of the topics that you are going to teach, and write down whether you think it will make your audience more successful, happier, or have more freedom in their lives. Just write an "S," "H," and "F" next to the relative topic. Then, write down why. Next, look at all of the summaries of those topics, and summarize all of it in one sentence. For example, "I'm going to show you how to gain a competitive advantage by delivering a presentation that gets your audience to do what you want." Doesn't that make business professionals more successful - to get their audiences to do what they want? Won't it make them happier when they have that competitive advantage?

George Leith's Corporate Presentation Skills Training Will Teach You How to Make Your Presentations Amazing

If you do it right, you will probably be able to hear a pin drop because everyone wants this! Everyone will pay attention to you if you do it right! You'll really know you have done well if someone says, "You know, I've been looking for someone like you." That's what a hook is all about! This is the first way to make your presentations amazing and irresistible!

The Most Important Part of Corporate Presentations?

George Leith's corporate presentation skills training will teach you how to keep your audience interested and listening, even after 45 minutes or more. Why 45 minutes? Studies show that people's minds start to wander every ten minutes. It's called the Drifting Theory. Even more importantly, after 45 minutes, the drifting interval starts to quickly speed up and speakers seriously risk losing their audiences. You are going to learn the tools you need to keep them on the edges of their seats no matter how long your presentation carries on.

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