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Social media marketing in Kamloops is among the best ways to build relationships with current and potential customers. Social media experts at wikADS craft posts and direct customers to your webpage where you can create leads and customers.

How powerful is social media?

Social media services are some of the largest communications platforms today. There were 4.7 billion users on these platforms in 2022. That is 59 percent of the entire world with an even larger percentage of Canadians online.

These services are among the best ways to communicate with current and prospective customers. Companies see returns as large as $40 for every $1 spent on marketing.  

A Changing Landscape

While returns are large, the social media landscape continues to change. There are more platforms available to consumers today than at any time in the past. From 2010 where there was a single major platform to today where there are more than a dozen, growth continues.

Facebook continues to be an important player with nearly 27 percent of Android mobile phone users visiting the platform daily. Other rising stars include TikTok and Instagram. You must spread your advertising dollars between these services carefully.

Building a Presence

Building a presence requires the precision of a surgeon. There is more to creating a lead generation engine than creating a Facebook page and a few posts. You must carefully plan and curate your presence before others build it for you.

Social media marketers push your brand in ways that matter. You control your social media content and guide readers to your website where your influence is greatest. You must also develop a positive ongoing relationship with customers.

A Full Digital Marketing Experience

A full digital media experience turns your social media platform into a lead generator. This requires using your website and other online tools in a complete and meaningful way.

Social media posts direct readers to your website where you have to convince them to use your products and services. From there, they continually interact with your brand, building loyalty or turning away depending on the quality of your content.

Social Media Advertising Partner

The best way to ensure that your social media marketing strategy succeeds is with the help of an advertising partner. Digital marketing companies with a track record of success can help build your brand.

We have more than 455 satisfied customers and continue to grow. Our digital media experts use every available tool to craft a well rounded online presence.

We strive to keep costs reasonable with a full suite of services. From web development to content writing, our company is ready to serve your needs. Never go blindly into a marketing project.

Social Media Marketing in Kamloops

Social media marketing in Kamloops is a great way to build relationships with a customer base that may be widely spread out. It is also a way to engage new leads and grow your business.

At wikADS, our experts can help you build the perfect strategy. Schedule and ad consultation today.

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