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The advance of the digital world has definitely changed the way to do business. It’s not just about the kind of products and services demanded by today’s customer: companies that want to stay must also take advantage of new channels to develop their marketing strategies. One of the fastest growing sectors is video. Even though it is usual to try to capture leads through social networks such as Youtube, video streaming is one of the media with the greatest growth potential.

If you want to generate competitive advantages, developing streaming advertising is a must. There are different stream players in the market, but the one that will bring better results to your business is Roku. You must know why this is the platform that will bring the best results to your business.

What is Roku?

This is one of the brands that manufacture streaming media players. The idea is that the user, when acquiring one of these devices can access extraordinary streaming content with a much lower investment than that of acquiring a smartTV. Roku allows users to bring their traditional TVs into the digital world, allowing them to enjoy the extraordinary programming offered by channels such as Netflix.

Why is Best to Advertise on Roku?

Among the different companies that provide streaming devices, Roku has the most significant and solid growth in the United States. By the end of 2018, the company achieved a growth of 8 million active accounts, ending the year with a total of 27 million affiliates.

Currently, the company estimates that almost 1 in 5 American households use Roku, and it bets that there is a device in every home in the world as soon as possible. According to eMarketer, it is estimated that by 2020, the company’s income will be about 629 million dollars, although Roku bets to reach the billion.

But beyond the numbers of the company, keep in mind that the consumption of video streaming using Roku went from 9.2 million in 2017, to 24 million hours in 2018 maintaining in the future its rising exponential curve. This allows all the advertising strategies you implement using this brand to have the most significant potential to reach your potential customers then using other brands.

But the great potential of advertising on Roku goes much further. The public that uses technology is highly qualified and with great purchasing potential. The average revenue per user (ARPU) has grown from $4.17 to $18, and monetization of video advertising impressions doubled in 2018, hoping to triple by 2020. This allows the different strategies you implement to have the most extraordinary ROI on any of the streaming video options.

Which’s the Wisest Way to Advertise on Roku?

While it is true that many people already have some expertise in the production of advertising for digital channels such as Facebook or YouTube, streaming advertising requires specialized work. The wisest thing is that you have an extraordinary digital marketing ally, like Launch Media.

The group of specialists will help you to properly segment your potential audiences, and generate the right message, to transmit it at the right time. In this way, adding the extraordinary potential that the platform has, you will achieve outstanding results in your profitability, and you will obtain significant competitive advantages within your industry. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level using Roku, Launch Media is your best choice. Contact us.

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