Reach More Customers with Connected TV Advertising Services

Today’s consumers watch shows in more places than broadcast television. Streaming services have rapidly grown in popularity. Advertising on these streaming services can reach more people where they spend their time. Launch media offers OTT and CTV advertising through Connected TV programmatic advertising. If you’re not currently using Connected TV marketing, you’re missing out on a significant audience. We specialize in streaming radio advertising, streaming TV advertising, and other streaming audio advertising to help you get results.

Targeted Advertising

Specific TV shows attract certain viewers. If your customer base overlaps with the viewing demographics, you’re missing out if you don’t advertise through those channels. CTV digital advertising focuses on identifying your target audience and their streaming behaviors and targets ads specifically for viewers. Connected TV ads are an effective alternative to advertising on broadcast television channels and can be more cost-effective.

Get Measurable Results

Another advantage of Connected TV marketing beyond a more targeted audience is measurable results. When your Connected TV ads run, you can get a clear picture of how many people viewed the ad and about their demographics. This information is invaluable in creating further Connected TV programmatic advertising. You can expect proven, data-driven results that bring more qualified leads to your business.

If you’re interested in OTT and CTV advertising for your business, contact us to discuss the benefits of implementing Connected TV programmatic advertising.


Connected TV – the best way to get in front of your ideal customers

In the world of advertising, there are SO many acronyms… and if you’re confused, you are not alone! First there was SEM and SMM, now it’s CTV, OTT and Programmatic TV. We cover SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) on other pages – both are excellent tactics to grow your business.


So WTH is CTV and OTT? In a nutshell, they may be the BEST way to reach new customers before your competitors do.

CTV is simply TV that connects to the internet. It also includes tablets, phones and desktops.  OTT (Over-the-Top) is video content that’s delivered “over” your cable box and streamed via an internet connection, allowing you to bypass cable companies. Content streaming providers include YouTube Tv, Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu to name a few and you stream this content via devices like Smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Sling, Roku or Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles.

As an advertiser, the most exciting thing about CTV and OTT (outside of the latest binge-worthy shows!) is that viewership is growing … and fast! 30% of TV viewing is streamed. And yet only 3% of TV ad dollars are spent on streaming TV. You read that correctly … 3%! 😲


When a traditional TV network has airtime to sell, companies purchase the spots to get their brand in front of their target audience.  Despite rapid growth in CTV/OTT viewership, traditional TV advertising can still be a very effective tactic for many companies who want to reach the masses. The upside: you may reach a higher % of your customers. The downside: it can be incredibly expensive.

If you want to reach new target consumers, we recommend programmatic CTV/OTT advertising – the most efficient, focused and measurable tactic.  To reach your ideal customer we leverage data from AI pixels and website retargeting, look-alike audiences, location-based GPS targeting, and third-party data set filters. We then place ads programmatically based on real-time bidding. Campaigns are refined and optimized daily to ensure optimal success.  CTV/OTT advertising helps you take control of who you target while laser-focusing how you spend your ad budget.


The best part, CTV/OTT advertising is consumer centric and personalized with brand messages that resonate with the viewer’s lifestyle. These ads are also not skippable.


Why partner with Launch Media for programmatic CTV/OTT Advertising?

  • Our programmatic buying platform ensures your ads are delivered at the right time, with the right message and to the right audience—offering the best possible customer experience from the first touch.
  • We use the latest tools to target your ideal customer, which provide data far beyond age, gender and location. We can target viewers with specific interests within specified income brackets, education levels, ethnicities, etc. We can also target zip codes down to precise longitude & latitude coordinates.
  • If you have a niche product or service, we’ll send your ad messaging to real people who mirror your ideal consumer/buyer persona.
  • Because our platform enables such precise targeting, our clients enjoy a 98% ad completion rate.
  • You’ll get a custom-built lead management system sophisticated enough to track online and offline conversions. Every campaign is targeted, integrated into your CRM, and measured for results daily.
  • Analytics! We’ll provide you with deep campaign insights—from granular details by ad to broader campaign and year-over-year metrics to help you make informed budget decisions on future campaigns.  Examples include:
    • Video completion rates
    • Optimal date/time, channels and devices used to view your ad.
    • Behavioral insights and attribution tracking data to determine what has been most successful in getting viewers to take action. This valuable data is used to create even more targeted campaigns.
  • We are digital innovators obsessed with finding new ways to reach your customers before your competitors do.


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