For us, business is personal. And a strong relationship based on transparency and communication is key. It’s critical for us to understand your business, growth objectives and marketing goals in order to develop the best multi-channel strategy to boost campaigns and deliver game-changing results.

You’ll work and communicate directly with our senior team, while benefiting from the collective genius of our broader team. We are a small, but well-connected agency with big talent and strategic partnerships. We’re agile and able to quickly pivot as markets change while executing with black belt prowess.

Our low overhead = a much higher % of your budget is spent on your campaign when compared to larger agencies with layers of management, headcount expenses and expensive offices.

We buy millions of dollars of media. Your campaigns will benefit from our buying power as we buy premium inventory directly from publishers and programmers so there are no ‘middle-person’ markups.

We provide the insights you need to make smart, informed marketing decisions using best-in-class software that offers powerful data and analytics collected from your customers and target audience.


This IO is governed by version 3.0 of the AAAA/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions (IAB Terms). Unless otherwise specified by client or Launch Media LLC in comments. Changes to this IO can be accepted via email and either party may cancel upon a thirty-day (30) day written notice after the agreed term has been completed. The client’s desired key performance indicators (KPIs) must be noted on the contract or in an email before the order is placed with specific reporting instructions.

Changes to advertising rates, frequency caps, new ad units, or other targeting requirements can be made and confirmed via email. Inventory and pricing set forth in this IO are only valid for seven (7) days. Delivery is based on first party numbers unless otherwise specified prior to start of the campaign.

After the first two weeks of flight, client or Launch Media LLC can pause the campaign with a 24-hour notice. Launch Media LLC will email all invoices to the email address associated to the billing contact listed above. Payment must be made by check, wire transfer or electronic funds transfer before start date, unless other arrangements have been made with Launch Media LLC. Please review and sign to finalize order. Thank you!
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